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Yesterday started out sunny and I had my plan.  Somehow, I don’t know how it was possible, I had completely forgotten about a fabric store I had been meaning to visit.  I jumped on my trusty steed (the two-wheeled variety), loaded up my basket and ventured off.  Which is when the clouds started to roll in.  It was overcast, but I was sure I could make it there and back.

fat quarters

The clouds were definitely getting darker and there was no mistaking their intent. After quickly browsing and chatting in the fabric shop, I headed home with one more stop to make.


more fat quarters

There were two of us bike-ladies in the pharmacy.  Both with our baskets of treasures. Her’s were of the vegetable variety, mine cloth…She said she hoped we would make it home before the rain, I agreed, knowing I needed only a few more minutes until I was home.

Just in time.  Literally walked in the door and the rain started to fall.  My shoes were put away, my purchases unpacked and a simple lunch made.  Rain, is the perfect excuse to hibernate in the sewing room.

simple lunch

There was a bento bag project I had been wanting to try,  when I saw the colours of fat the quarters, I knew this was the material for it.  The early afternoon was spent downstairs.  The sun came out and I came up, with a bento bag and a matching zippered pouch.

What a bargain, less than $10 for the pair, and I stayed dry!

It is nice to have a big project which will keep you busy for a time.  But there are times when you want to sit down with the raw materials and stand up with a finished item.  Plus it is a good excuse to procrastinate on the larger project.  Just in case you were looking for one….




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