Gluten-Free Food

A Parfait Day…

The weather has continued to be hot and humid this past week.  There are only so many desserts one can make in the toaster oven and cupcakes haven’t been one of them…I’m missing cupcakes.  We have had donuts, they are somewhat cakey, but still not quite the same. Maybe it is really the buttercream I have been missing…but enough about cake (at least for today.)

coconut flour cupcake, ice cream and stewed strawberries with shredded coconut

One easy dessert to pull together on a hot day is a parfait.  I picked up strawberries at the grocery store this week, too good of a deal to pass up, but they were rather firm (the berries are always better from the farmer’s market).  I cut them into quarters, tossed in a little sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice and stewed them, mashing them with a fork once the juices were released.  The stewed strawberries became the sauce over some ice cream and defrosted coconut flour cupcakes (I try to keep plain cupcakes in the freezer for emergencies…the weather better break soon, as I am down to my final one!)  

Why stop at dessert?  Parfaits make great breakfasts too.  They require less work and equipment than a smoothie bowl.  And pulling together some breakfast ingredients is as easy as a walk around the kitchen, with a peek in the fridge.  Initially, I  was going to use leftover plum crumble with Greek yogurt, but the leftover plums were gone by morning.

I always dress up my (plain) morning yogurt with one or more of: shredded coconut, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, raisins, granola, preserves or nuts and seeds.  A parfait is much prettier to look at and only takes a few extra minutes.  It doesn’t require a fancy dish, a plain glass works just fine, or a piece of stemware if you want to make an impression.

cinnamon cereal, Greek yogurt, raspberry preserves, chia seeds, orange segments, dried cranberries and shredded coconut

Here are some other parfait (dessert) ideas to try:

  • leftover apple crisp with cream poured over top
  • sliced vanilla cupcakes (or gingerbread cake) with rhubarb curd and custard
  • banana split parfait
  • sauteed apple with cinnamon and brown sugar with cinnamon Chex cereal
  • pudding and cream
  • broken up ginger cookies with cream cheese and whipped cream, topped with crystallized ginger
  • chocolate cake, peanut butter whipped cream and peanuts
  • smoothie bowl parfait
    pineapple and blueberry, Greek yogurt smoothie bowl, a bit more work

    A ‘parfait’ way to make your day special!



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